The Anonymous Speaks

A click away from a mind that is not yours, Words that are not yours, thoughts that are only mine

and now yours too.

Latest from the Blog

Unknown Known.

What is real and what is just a facade. What is temporary and what is forever. What is engraved and what is taught. Who is the god and who is the devil. Who am i and who is the reflection i see in the mirror. 

Dear Mom.

Dear mom, you love me unconditionally and i am more then aware of it every day, every minute, every second. And i am filled with guilt everyday at the sight of you that i am such a bad daughter in comparison to this great selfless mother. I sometimes even hate how much you love usContinue reading “Dear Mom.”

Lesson 2.

One thing is for certain. I like writing. I love writing. I may not necessarily be great at it but i am learning and enjoying the ride, the process. And that is the reason why i have blocked out any ideas to take it so seriously as to aim to have a career with it.Continue reading “Lesson 2.”

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